This is not a Metro area please choose option 3 for pricing, pay $150 on the booking form with a credit card and $150 cash on arrival.
This is not a metro area, please choose option 2 for pricing in Hoboken. Please pay $125 on the booking form with a credit card now and $125 cash upon arrival.
This is not a metro area, please choose option 2 for pricing on the booking form. Please pay $125 on the booking form with a credit card now and $125 cash upon arrival.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers When Attending the Male Strip Show

1How far in advance should we buy tickets or table packages for the male strip show?
It’s always best to buy your tickets and or table packages as far in advance as possible, even as far as a year in advance is not a bad idea! You want to make sure that you will be able to attend the male strip club on the date you want!
2Does buying general admission tickets to the male strip show mean we will get seats?
Purchasing general admission tickets to the male strip show means you’re more than likely going to be standing at the male strip club for the duration of the show. To assure that you won’t be standing towards the back of the show the whole time you’re in attendance purchasing a VIP Single ticket or a table package is always best! VIP single tickets are tickets that guarantee seating on a first come first serve basis, behind the VIP table. VIP single tickets do not include tables. VIP table packages are the best available seating at the club and are closest to the stage/show. In most cities’ VIP tables will come with a bottle of champagne. (Please see ticket outlet for information on what comes with the table package in the city you attending in).
3How do I get the bachelorette, birthday girl, or just a friend in need of some extra special attention at the male strip club?
If you’re looking to show someone some extra special love and an unforgettable attention-filled experience, purchasing a hot seat is the best way to do it! The person of honor will be brought on stage during a performance by one of our sexy male strippers!
4What time should we arrive at the male strip club?
it’s always best to show up at least 30 minutes before showtime. (Please see the ticket outlet information for showtimes in the city you will be attending in)
5Are the male strip clubs the best place for a bachelorette party verse hiring a male stripper?
Only you know what the best bachelorette party idea would be for your friend or loved one however, there are several reasons why coming to the male strip club is great, such as: Having multiple male strippers, seeing multiple performances, and being around other bachelorette parties!
6Do we own the venues that we perform the male strip shows in?
As the male revue company and not the club owners it's always important to judge us on our show and the quality of our shows as we do not own the venues and have no control over the bar and its staff.
7Can I get a lap dance from one of the sexy male strippers?
In most cities you can get lap dances from all the male strippers you can even pre-purchase lap dance cards online at a discounted price when you purchase your tickets or table package.
8Do the male strippers interact with the crowd during the show?
A lot of the strippers incorporate audience interaction when doing their routine on stage and will come out to the crowd during the strip show!
9Do the male strippers get naked?
The men take it all off during the strip shows however, always have to have frontal coverage, unfortunately, it’s the law…
10How long is the show?
The total duration including breaks is usually around 2 hours.
11Can we take photos?
Unlike other shows, taking photos is encouraged. Please tag us on social media and we will shout you out! Keep in mind we do sell photos online and those will be taken on stage with the entertainer or entertainers of your choice!
12Can we touch the strippers?
It’s a male strip club, what fun would it be if you could not touch the male strippers! Except for a few cities touching, tipping, lap dances, and tipping are encouraged!
13Is a hot seat an admission ticket?
A hot seat is not an admission ticket, please note: none of the packages or add-ons are admission tickets and everyone must have an admission ticket!